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Services for Actors

As actors ourselves, we know how important it is to have the right materials to get you in the room so you can book that job! Need a demo reel that leaves viewers wanting more, or a quick turn-around on a self-tape due tomorrow? We're here to help! What about striking headshots, or a crisp voice reel to help you break into voice acting? Never fear, Treehouse Creative is here!



We'll help you to put your best foot forward with commercial, theatrical, or character headshots. Includes a 1.5 hour photo session, 3 edited/retouched photos, and all raw photo files. Additional edits available for $15 each.


$35 per 30 mins

Includes a reader & director. Audition will be recorded in HD with studio-quality lighting and audio. We edit your favorite take and email it to you same-day!



We record five 15-second clips of commercial copy in-house. We’ll edit the best 60 seconds together with background music/SFX.



Provide us with your work. We highlight your best moments to make you shine!

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